Lose Weight with Itrim

Experts acknowledge that it is easier to achieve permanent weight loss if you first lose weight quickly and then improve your habits, not the other way around.

Itrim has developed a weight loss program that is very effective and suitable for most people. It requires commitment and motivation, but after ten to twelve weeks, most members have reached their target weight. Through the entire program, meals, movement and motivation are important new habits Itrim help members gain knowledge of, in order to make the weight loss permanent. We provide support and knowledge, both individually and in a group, so you succeed in reaching your goal: a lighter and healthier life.

A scientific study that reviewed Itrim's weight loss results shows that members on average lose 10.8 kg (23.8 lbs) with a waistline reduction of 11.8 cm (4.65 in) during the first weeks. This result lasts even after an entire year. That makes Itrim's program a world leader within sustainable weight loss.

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Experts agree. It is easier to succeed if you lose weight first and then improve your habits, not the other way round. We have developed a weight-loss program that has proven to be very effective and to suit almost everyone.